Is it possible to feel honestly happy at every moment of your life? In my opinion – Ooooh Yeaaaaah. But how? I am going to share a letter with you:

“Good evening, this is Rytis completing his (lithuanian version with updates) mission, which is to create my own happiness formula. It looks like this:

An honest conversation with a person, which ignites a fire in your heart, brain and body + realizing that balance between one’s external and internal worlds is crucial + living at the moment (forgetting and eliminating 99% of the problems that we create in our own minds) = HAPPINESS

I can also give some examples, when I felt TRULY happy. For instance, today I was in a bank because I needed to sign some documents. It should have taken only a few minutes but the consultant lady was such an honest person that I spent there 2 hours. I was asking a lot of questions not even related to the reason I came to her and she was answering them with all her heart showing that she truly loved what she was doing. Not only as a finance consultant but also life’s. We had a greaaaaaaat conversation and I thought: “Wow, how many people like her are in this world? – not many for sure.”

Another time I felt truly happy when I was in a meeting with Alex Monaco for a first time. The whole evening I was admiring his honest laugh, different approach on the world and life, his belief in other people. I became addicted and will do anything to make it happen again. SO IF YOU ARE READING THIS, ALEX, I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL YOU HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT, I WILL BECOME A WOLF OF CONSCIOUSNESS, I WILL HELP YOU AWAKE THE ZOMBIE SHEEP AND TOGETHER WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.”

I wrote this letter a month ago. Right now I would like to add some more thoughts to consider. As you can see, the examples I provided involve other people. The thing is, the external world of ours only creates an illusion of happiness, which disappears after couple of days, weeks or months. You probably noticed that you hadn’t felt happy for too long after purchasing that new iPhone you have always wanted, didn’t you? If you desire the never ending feeling of happiness, a constant hard work with your paradigms (internal world) is neccessary. In order to do that I suggest looking for help. What worked for me is this awesome system: It helps explore every corner of wrinkles and folds of your brain. I have recently finished my 30 days of intellectual training and I am not going to stop working on myself since the results are clearly visible. I feel much happier and even more AWESOME than a month ago. To be continued…